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Leaving Michael for you, staying at Dawn's, looking everywhere for you, even Kelle's, driving past that little apartment about a million times, then missing you that night, forever regretting it (never should have left)...Vickie and Ryan always making me think of us, how they got married in heaven.


April 7, 1994, Moving that journal around, sitting by the phone praying you'd call back, April 10th sending the letters to your parents, decided to leave, getting the job to leave, bringing Rayne to see me-"She should have been ours," trying on lingere for you, saying that everytime you combed out Britney's hair you thought of me, that it used to break your heart to do, bringing Rayne to see me at work, how she wasn't afraid of me at all and you thought she would be, those nights in the Neon listening to Live, driving out to the stadium "You broke my heart Vanessa..."

"I Remember Everything About Our Time..."

Created August 2001

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