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October 12, 1988, first time you asked me to be yours, butterflies in my stomach, you chose me!

Thanksgiving '88, the soft wind blowing your hair, that stripped sweater you had on, being outside with you, knew you were the one, only thing in my life I was ever sure of, fell in love with you that day kissing you, knew I wanted to marry you, have your children (later looking at babies in the hospital with you), fire sparkles, wanting to find some place to be alone with you, knew how wonderful making love with you would be then, didn't want to wait cuz I knew it was real, walked around on a cloud for days after, knew you were my family then

April 7, 1989 (I was your birthday present, too big to wait anymore)-watching you pull up on the back of that bike, walking to Century with your hand around my waist, always opening doors for me, spending all night looking into your big brown eyes, trading a pack of cigarettes for a ride home, the ditch, my closet, giving you hickies, Becky calling the next morning while we were listening to 'Heaven' lying in bed, you jumping out the window...

French fry men, that night in the Malibu you took such good care of me, telling me to just come out there, that everything would be all right, my mom said, "Why are you going out in the middle of the night to him?" and I said, "Cause Scott is the only one who understands me..." keds on the ceiling, everything was better (as always), Ratt playing 'I Want to Love You Tonight' on the stereo, (I'll never be safe again)

Hanging up those stupid posters on the ceiling, then having her kick us out, leaving to go to Galveston, Ocean Vue, Herman, stop sign covered in water, that crab chasing us, me falling off the jetty, being so sunburned you had to hold me up in the shower, Giant, Fandango, eating peanut butter and crackers, driving through that hurricane, taking care of me when we had to cross the bridge (kick Phil's ass later, during the dark time for scaring me), dorks on the radio (KLOL), waking up on the beach and having the exact same Malibu circling us, you shaving my legs watching 'Giant',

Moss man, Cadbury Cream Eggs, drawing my name on those high tops, sticking those matches there, hanging out the car at 3 AM, watching the road go by, the cemetery where you gave me 'I Remember You, You sleeping on my floor with the door open, but you always had a hold of my hand, the bathroom in the dark with you on the edge of the sink, that night at Paul's-never cried so hard, you licked my thumb, my snot away, 'the weasel' "Shit, Hell, Niggre," 'Bitch Monkey,' listening to Vinnie Vincent in the green Toyota after you gave me the tape and getting fire sparkles, eating spaghetti out of each other's mouth to gross Hilary out, skipin' school all day to talk on the phone to you, watching 'Santa Barbara' (Sonny), down in the pasture?!, Me and Roy checking you out of school, going to the mall and wearing that little red outfit for you, whisper 'I got a secret...', Scotti Hill was really you (your other evil twin), listening to truckers on the phone from Chris', stealin his car when he was at the mall workin at Furr's, Chris is Malachi, using my house key to start it, hiding Hil in the closet when the sirens were going off, you sitting on the counter when I was making spaghetti for you, the whole Killin' Time CD, you takin care of me after Joe died, out at that stupid duck pond, when you called Zona's a month after I married Michael, I missed you so much, I considered leaving him then,

$1000 phone bills, sleeping with me on the phone cause I kept waking up from nightmares, fire sparkles across the phone lines, first was about you, thought about how I had wasted that motel room in Galveston, that stupid house is haunted, talking to you when that lamp came on by itself, Milli Vanilli, "Son, you are an irritant," "I aint your fucking son." The picture of you in front of the car, I kept in my mind and heart and still have it there, Bugle Boy tags, the blanket you always slept with cause you said it smelled like me, God is a Bullet, Heaven, I Remember You, how many fantasies I had about you, with you that summer (the summer of discontent)

"I Remember Everything About Our Time..."

Created August 2001

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