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Many who have stopped by these pages have offered to help in some way, even if it is just to say a few kind words. For that I am eternally grateful, and I am sure that Scott is too. But for those of you who have expressed an interest to do a little more, I wanted to give the option of donating to Scott's Memorial Fund. All donations to this fund will go toward to getting Scott a gravestone. I would like it to be in Riverside Cemetery, which was his choice, as that cemetery has special meaning for us. Donations of $50 or more to the Scott Hooper Memorial Fund will receive a DVD Memorial to Scott containing pictures music and more. Please be sure to e-mail me with your address for shipping. All donations are welcome, there is no such thing as too little generosity.

Click the button to donate to the Scott Hooper Memorial Fund

For those of you who do not feel comfortable donating to a private charity, please feel free to donate to MDA in Scott's Name. If chosing to donate to MDA, please enter Scott Hooper of the person you would like the donation to be in memory or in honor of, and please chose Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease (CMT) as the disease you wish to support. This is the type of Muscular Dystrophy that Scott had, and it is extremely under funded especially for extreme cases like Scott's. Click Here to Donate.

If you donate to either of these charities, please know that your generosity is deeply appreciated. I firmly believe that those who have been stolen from us at too young an age stay with us as guardian angels. Those who make sacrifices for others are watched over and protected from above.

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