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Letter Scott Wrote to his Grandmother July 30, 2001


I am writing this hoping this finds you in good health and spirits, I think probably out of anyone in the Wichita Falls area, you and Nadine are by far the most sensible and understanding of the people I know.

Back to the point of this letter I am writing you to tell you that I have found happiness in my life with Vanessa, contradictory to what you may have heard, my actions since October1999 have been made soundly and by me alone. By saying this I simply mean it was my decision to leave Wichita Falls and pursue the love of my life, my soul mate, Vanessa, and in doing so, my father, mother, and family have alienated me for my happiness. I was paying for that truck Dad wad selling me, He took it back in the dead of night without a word, and he knew and was in possession of several ways to contact me.

Let me tell you that Vanessa was pregnant at the time all this was going on and that truck was our only form of transportation, Vanessa started bleeding that night and I carried her out to the truck to take her to hospital and to my surprise and astonishment, there was no truck there. By the time I got her to the doctor she had lost the baby, she was three months along, the doctor said that if we had gotten there just a little sooner there would have been a very good chance the baby would have survived, and since I didnít get her there sooner she may not be able to conceive at all, so the way I see it Dad has taken any chance I had at happiness and crushed it, because of his precious possessions, which I was paying for by the way. You should also know that when I did contact him and ask him for an explanation about his actions, and told him what he really did by removing the truck, his only words to me were, if you can prove to me that you will not be with Vanessa anymore, I will return the truck. He did not apologize for the loss of his grandchild; he did not seem to be concerned about anything except his possessions, reminding me ďWhich side of the family my bread was buttered on.Ē

My mother, well we all know about that women, need I say more. But I think I will anyway. She has accused Vanessa and I of everything short of murder. She told Andrea I stole Andreaís fatherís gun, which is not true at all. The way I understand it is Andrea called my mom to see if I knew anything about a missing gun and Dianna tells Andrea that she saw a gun in my things while I was visiting at momís house, well she did see a gun, Vanessa and I have numerous guns, but that does not mean I stole the missing gun from Andreaís family. Now thanks to my motherís meddling Andrea thinks I took her fatherís gun and will not speak to me nor will she let me see my children, which is very painful for both Vanessa and myself. However, I am continuing to try to fix the damage my mother caused with Andrea, as it is extremely important to us that we see the kids again, and on a regular basis.

Basically it seems that my happiness and decision to move away from Wichita Falls, and make my own way, made my family feel as though they could control me no longer, so they have attempted to destroy my life, My father basically kills my unborn child and my motherís manipulations have caused me to lose my two living children.

Itís funny how my twenty-seven years there, I was surrounded by people telling me I could do anything, and then when I tried, they discouraged and degraded me. It was always, you can do anything, but as long as it is MY way, never try anything on your own, and you are always going to need help. Dad said to me that I had better not try to do this on my own (move to Dallas) and that I needed to remember which side of my family has the money. He actually told me that he didnít think I could make it without help, which said to me that he thinks I am a failure. Well, for two years now I have been doing it on my own, with no help from him or anyone else. As a matter of fact, since I stopped receiving any help of any kind from both parents, my life significantly improved. I am not saying that I donít want family in my life, that isnít true at all. I miss having relationships with family members. The loss of any kind of relationship with my children is heartbreaking to me, especially since now there might not be any more children at all. I am working on letting Andrea know just how crazy my mother and her wild accusations are, and any advice you could offer in that situation would be greatly appreciated. I donít know if you see Andrea or the children, but if you do, give the kids a hug for me. I have been sending the kids toys, cards, and letters on a regular basis. I do not know if they are getting them or not. I would like to send clothes and other necessities as I can afford them, but I no longer have their sizes. Maybe you could find those out for me as well.

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